Hey there, fellow dental enthusiasts!✌️

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a genuine passion for flashing those pearly whites. But let’s face it, maintaining tip-top chompers can sometimes feel like mission impossible… especially when you’re trying to budget your money wisely.💸

Finding the Best Deals on Dental Procedures in Tbilisi

To help y’all out on this front, I’ve done some sleuthing to find the best deals on dental procedures right here in fabulous Tbilisi!🕵️‍♀️ So let’s dive into that wide world of Georgian dentistry and talk about what you can expect price-wise for your next check-up or procedure.

SmileHub.ge: Your Go-To Source for Dental Pros

First things first, if you haven’t already paid a visit to SmileHub.ge, do yourself a favor and make that your go-to source for finding dental pros in Tbilisi. This super-cool platform has partnered with French and European dental associations to create an extensive online directory filled with top-notch dentists and clinics offering services from general dentistry to pediatric care. Plus, they take personal data security seriously—so no worries about identity theft while browsing for your new tooth doc!

Dentists In Tbilisi, Georgia

Breakdown of Costs for Popular Dental Procedures in Tbilisi 💰

Now let’s break down the costs of popular dental procedures in Tbilisi:

Dental Consultation 🗨️

Ready to chit-chat with a dentist? In most cases, initial consultations are free—or at least quite affordable (30-50 GEL) at some practices.

Teeth Cleaning ✨

Whether it’s just time for a routine polish or one too many coffee stains have caught up with ya teeth cleaning typically costs between 70-150 GEL.

Tooth Extraction 😬

If “gotta get rid of it” is more your speed tooth extractions will usually set you back anywhere from 70-150 GEL.

Root Canal Treatment 🌳

Ah, the dreaded root canal. If your tooth’s got a serious problem under the hood root canals tend to cost 150-350 GEL in Tbilisi.

Dental Filling 🔧

Fill ‘er up! Dental fillings are a common fix for cavities and generally range from 50 to 120 GEL.

Dental Crown 👑

A crown will make you feel like royalty—of the dental variety, at least! Priced from 350-800 GEL crowns might be expensive but they’re worth it for that regal smile!

Dental Implant 🔩

For those seeking long-lasting solutions dental implants come with a steeper price tag between 800 and 3,000 GEL—but hey, you get what you pay for!

Teeth Whitening🦷💎

Get ready to blind ’em with brilliance! Teeth whitening services usually run from around 150 to 350 GEL for that Hollywood glitz and glam.

There you have it: an insider’s guide to scoring deals on dental procedures in Tbilisi while keeping your grin in check 😁✨! Thanks again to SmileHub.ge for making this info accessible and always remember: happy smiles make happy people! So go forth and give those teeth some TLC!
💙🦷 Keep smiling, lovely people of Tbilisi 🇬🇪😊


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