Ani Abesadze

Ani Abesadze

District : Isani

Dentist Qualification:
Periodontist, Therapeutic Dentist
Dentist Services :
Caries prevention and treatment, Emergency Dental Services, Free Dental Consultation, Gum contour correction, Gum disease treatment, Professional teeth cleaning, Teeth fillings, Treatment of bad breath (Halitosis), Treatment of gum recession, Treatment of inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area, Treatment of periodontitis
Doctor Speaks :
English, Georgian, Russian

Ani Abesadze:
I graduated from IV. Dental faculty of Tbilisi State University named after Javakhishvili (2012-2017)
Post-graduate education – Ketevan Gogilashvili Dental Center *Albius* (therapeutic dentistry for children and others (2018-2019) periodontologist.
Since 2019, we have been working as a doctor and therapist at the dental clinic of TSU.

03.2021-02.2022 Physician therapist, periodontist position in Madison.

Since 06.2023, doctor therapist, periodontologist, German clinic.

5.05.17 Angelika Kovshar’s lecture – master class topic: the world of restoration material.

29.09.2018- News in the classification, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal and oral mucosa diseases.

25.10.2018 – “Dental Tbilisi” XII international conference.

26.10.2018- Lecture in practical endodontics

31.03.2019 – “Youth Forum”

06.04.2019 – Association of Periodontologists of Georgia and ITOP control conference. Topic: modern periodontology.

13.04.2019-14.04.2019 – Tbilisi IX International Dental Congress.

03.11.2019- III International Congress of Children’s Dentistry.

04.11.2019 – Ari Kupietsky – Behavioral Management – Local Anesthesia.

9.11.2019- Guiding principles of dental clinics.

30.04.2022 period and oncology

25.02.2023 regional conference

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